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All the photographic productions we make include the post-production service. Sometimes, this process consists of a simple photo retouching that improves the quality of the image, in other occasions; we need to make a more complex and exhaustive photographic retouch that shows the product in the most attractive way possible.

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What Is Photography In The Cinema?

Many times we have heard the importance of a cinematographer in a film, but what is photography in the cinema? Let’s see why it is necessary to have this figure on the recording equipment.

Photography In The Cinema

A recording is just a series of moving images and to decide how and what to record previously someone has had to give the go-ahead. That’s where the figure of the director of photography comes in, the person who selects the part of the concrete scenario , who decides the camera distance , the framing of the image, the height , where the characters should be placed and where they should go , in what sense should the camera move , etc.

But it also takes care of other technical aspects such as lighting, the treatment of color or even the sensations that each viewer must transmit to the viewers. These elements must go by the costumes and makeup of the characters as well as the props of the stage.

Director Of Photography

The person in charge of photography in a shoot is the director of photography who has to be present in different phases of production. From the pre-production process, you must analyze the script and outline the aesthetics that will be maintained throughout the recording.

It is essential that you take time to investigate scenarios, take into account the climatology of the situations that will be used and even the hours of light that will be in them as well as the areas where there will be more light and shade (to the sun direction maps) they are known as “sunbath”).

But not only the outdoor lighting but also the interior lighting must be taken into account, and that is why the cinematographer must know the technical material necessary for the scenes on the set. And another of its functions is to coordinate with the props and costume team, the color palette that will be used.

The Importance Of Light In Photography

Photography has never stopped being fashionable, although today it is experiencing a significant boom thanks to the quality of the cameras that incorporate mobile devices. That does not make us all photographers, although it is undoubted the amateur talent that can be found on the net. Therefore, what separates the amateur from the professional photographer is good control of light.

Direction And Intensity

The direction of light will help us to imitate what we see in nature, without forgetting that this direction will help us to increase drama, passion or accentuate a face.

At this point, the intensity of the light also comes into play, which leads us to ask ourselves if we should change the seal, use a flash or a reflector to diffuse a view that is too ‘hard,’ thus avoiding shadows.

Quality And Temperature Of A Light

How different is a photograph made one summer day outdoors from another made in a dark room by candlelight? That is the quality of light. On the other hand, the temperature of light forces us to consider its source and the color it gives off. The fluorescent tends to green and blue, while the bulb does to orange.