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The Importance Of Light In Photography

Photography has never stopped being fashionable, although today it is experiencing a significant boom thanks to the quality of the cameras that incorporate mobile devices. That does not make us all photographers, although it is undoubted the amateur talent that can be found on the net. Therefore, what separates the amateur from the professional photographer is good control of light.

Direction And Intensity

The direction of light will help us to imitate what we see in nature, without forgetting that this direction will help us to increase drama, passion or accentuate a face.

At this point, the intensity of the light also comes into play, which leads us to ask ourselves if we should change the seal, use a flash or a reflector to diffuse a view that is too ‘hard,’ thus avoiding shadows.

Quality And Temperature Of A Light

How different is a photograph made one summer day outdoors from another made in a dark room by candlelight? That is the quality of light. On the other hand, the temperature of light forces us to consider its source and the color it gives off. The fluorescent tends to green and blue, while the bulb does to orange.