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Best bass fishing rod

Comparing Fishing Rods

Summer is just around the corner, and if the weather ever admits to it and gets nice outside we’ll finally be able to go out and some fishing in. The summer is best spent on a pier or a boat with cooler ready to be filled with fish for dinner that evening. This is the good life and it’s the life you want to lead correctly.

To do that you are going to have to find yourself the best bass fishing rod around. You’re going to have do some shopping around and checking reviews to see exactly who is who and what is what when it comes to the hyper competitive world of fishing rod makers. Thankfully there are websites devoted to giving you the inside scoop on fishing rods and which of them truly measure up and which of them are not really delivering on all the promises they are making. This is the sort of thing that people have to deal with all the time when buying stuff. Getting short changed is not a good look.

The first sort of fishing rod you should look at is the Fenwick Eagle spinning rods. These rods tend to be between five and a half feet to eight feet long. These rods use a special kind of graphite in their construction and have a unique B2 burled cork in the handle grip that makes the rod more durable and less likely to chip or be damaged by wear and tear from years of going out and catching fish. The handle and the reel seat do work pretty good but sometimes the reel will come lose when battling a fish that really puts up a serious fight so be on the lookout for this little hiccup in the design.

Best bass fishing rod

All in all this is a really solid line of bass fishing rods and might be thought of as one of the best bass fishing rods on the market today.

The next brand I’ll be mentioning is the Croix Triumph brand of fishing rods. These rods come with many parts that snap together easy and allow for you to build whatever length rod you want for whatever fishing adventure you’re heading out for. The graphite these rods are made out of is truly the highest quality material you can find on the market and their reels and handles are state of the art and second to none. You’re going to be pretty pleased if you get yourself a Croix Triumph brand fishing rod. The fish will likely conceded defeat once they see the rod and just jump into the boat and save you the energy of catching them.

There are many other options, such as Ugly Stik and many other brands who have rods in the market. Give a look around and see if any of them catch your eye and then make a purchase and get out onto the water and start catching those fish. It’s time to start living the good life, the fishing life.