asphalt shingle roof services

What A Quality Asphalt Shingle Roof Services Contractor Will Tell You

Deciding to get your home re-roofed is usually a process that takes a year or so involving denial, a few repairs, and then finally accepting the fact that you need a new one. Then, there are some options, do you tear the old roof off completely, partially, or not at all. How many layers do you have already, and how many year guarantee are you going to want for the new shingles? These are all questions that a good roofing contractor will help you answer when they come to your home to inspect the roof and give you a written estimate. Here are some tips on choosing the right asphalt shingle roof services contractor in your area.

The Tear Off, What To Expect

Many older homes are going to have several layers of roofing and the laws regarding how many layers are permissible have changed over the years as well. Lots of really old homes will have wooden shingles nailed to bats as the bottom layer and then one or two layers of asphalt on top of that. That’s a lot of weight and most municipalities won’t allow that many layers anymore. Plus, the wooden shingle layer is very light-weight, while the two asphalt layers are very heavy.

The absolute best thing to do, and a good contractor will tell you this, is to tear off all three layers, put on new plywood sheathing, and then put on your new asphalt shingles. This cuts down on the weight, gives an excellent nailing surface for the new shingles, and then in 30-40 years you’ll be able to add one more layer without a problem.

asphalt shingle roof services

Doing all the tear-off, and putting on a layer of plywood sheathing is going to be more expensive, however, and there is an option to save money but some contractors won’t want to do it. You can remove just one layer of asphalt and then add another on in it’s place. You most likely can’t take two layers of asphalt off if there is wood underneath because the wood shingles will practically disintegrate in the process.

A Good Asphalt Shingle Roof Services Contractor Will Convince You

So, when the contractor is in your home, he’ll do his best to convince you to do the right thing and tear everything off and put new sheathing on for the best quality installation. His next job, and it’s an important one, is to convince you that the best quality shingles that money can buy are actually cheaper when you consider the longer time before you’ll have to re-roof again. The best shingles now last up to 50 years or more, so your children might not even have to re-shingle the home. The most expensive part of the job is the labor to do the work rather than the cost of the shingles themselves.

Once you’ve picked the quality of shingles and the extent of the work you want done, the contractor should give you an estimate in writing that explains the work in detail including the warranty as well. You should always read everything, since once you’ve signed it, it becomes a contract. He should give you a copy for your records with his signature on it too. By being knowledgeable and taking the time to listen and read, you’ll always get better services and have fewer problems in the long run.