Nespresso coffee pods

Nespresso coffee pods

Are Nespresso Coffee Pods Worth The Cost?

Nespresso coffee pods are intended as a convenient way of making great tasting coffees. It can be used to make everything from standard espresso to decaf coffees, and there are a number of flavored nespresso offerings as well. But, are they worth the money when you could get a standard bean to cup machine and enjoy a much wider selection of coffees, since you aren’t limited to the pods that the machine can take?

Nespresso coffee pods are typically referred to as capsules, and while there are 16 types that are sold under the Nespresso brand name, there are third party pods that have other names but that will fit in the machine.

The official brand name capsules are a good choice, and offer reliable taste and quality. They have good beans and they will produce the same consistent taste every time. Indeed, it is that consistent taste that makes so many people look at the Nespresso machine. Making coffee like a barista takes some knowledge and patience. Sticking a pod in a machine and letting the machine do the work is convenient, and ensures that anyone can make great coffee.

You Pay for Convenience

Nespresso machines are super-convenient, but you’ll pay far more per cup for nespresso than you would for instant or even for coffee beans for your bean to cup machine. The capsules make the cost per brew between $0.50 and $1, but for that you’re getting coffee that you know will always taste the same. So, once you’ve found the perfect blend you will not have to worry about making it stronger or weaker, or not quite grinding the beans right.

Nespresso coffee pods

A Handy Single Serving Machine

There’s one thing about the Nespresso machine that could be a convenience or a problem depending on your circumstances. Each capsule makes just one cup. This means that if you’re single, or you work in an office where hardly anyone drinks coffee, the machine is fine. If you drink a lot of coffee, though, then you might find that a standard filter or espresso machine might be a better choice, because it will let you make more cups in one go. Having to sit and wait for one cup to brew, then replace the pod, gets old fast.

Stylish and Simple

It’s hard to deny that Nespresso Machines look awesome – indeed, how they look on the counter is as much of a motivator for some people as what they cost and the quality of the coffee that they make. If you’re serious about coffee and you want a machine that will give you quality coffee, fast, then look into Nespresso. Be aware though that you are paying for the privilege of getting that tasty coffee, and you are limiting your options to just nespresso-compatible pods. If you’re into the more unusual blends and artisinal roasters, then you might still want to keep a V60 or a cafetiere, so that you don’t end up missing out on those little luxuries.